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YOU can help elect the first woman to represent South Jersey in Congress!



Assemblywoman Carol Murphy is currently serving in legislative leadership as Majority Whip in her third term representing the Seventh Legislative District. Carol is the proud daughter of a Bronze Star US Army Veteran and through her father’s service in the military, she learned early on the importance of public service and helping others.

Carol followed her passion for service to the State Capitol by working for public policy initiatives to ensure pay equity, raise the minimum wage, fund women's healthcare, reduce gun violence, fully fund our schools, pay our pension obligation, provide affordable prescription drugs for seniors, stand up for LGBTQIA+ rights, grow our economy and reduce our property tax burden.

Carol resides in Mount Laurel with her husband Michael and their cat, Lexington.

As your Congresswoman, Carol will bring new ideas, fresh approaches and fight for:

  • Affordable Healthcare & Mental Health Wellness

  • Women’s Reproductive Freedom

  • Support for Small Businesses 

  • Gun Violence Reform

  • Economic Opportunities 

  • Clean and Renewable Energy

  • Voting Rights

  • Veterans Services

  • Cybersecurity Protections & Closing the Digital Divide

  • Infrastructure Improvements

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