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YOU can help elect the first woman to represent South Jersey in Congress!



Assemblywoman Carol Murphy has been on the front lines during our toughest times, fighting for us in Trenton, and she’s ready to do the same for us in Washington. Carol is running to be South Jersey’s first Congresswoman because the stakes have never been higher. The future of our children and grandchildren hangs in the balance, and the Third District deserves a representative in Washington who will stand up for the values that unite us.

The proud daughter of a Bronze Star US Army Master Sergeant, Carol has spent her career fighting for the values that make New Jersey strong and the issues that matter most to working families. As a four-term State Assemblywoman and Majority Whip, Carol is battle-tested in Trenton and ready to continue the fight in Washington to protect our rights and freedoms, secure investments in our schools and infrastructure, make healthcare more affordable, create economic opportunities, keep our communities safe, and stand up to extremism to defend our democracy.

As your Congresswoman, Carol will bring new ideas, fresh approaches and fight for:

  • Affordable Healthcare & Mental Health Wellness

  • Clean and Renewable Energy

  • Cybersecurity Protections & Closing the Digital Divide

  • Economic Opportunities

  • Gun Violence Reform

  • Infrastructure Improvements

  • Support for Small Businesses

  • Veterans Services

  • Voting Rights 

  • Women's Reproductive Freedom

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