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Carol for Congress
The Best Choice for Mercer County

Carol Murphy has always been a devoted public servant. Throughout the course of her career, Carol has worked hard to solve the problems facing Mercer County. As a member of the assembly, she stood by public employees and their families and helped secure funding for important projects across the county.

Carol’s track record shows that Mercer County can count on her:

  • When Chris Christie gutted pension and healthcare plans for New Jersey state employees, Carol stood with Mercer County families and fought to prevent their loss of benefits.

  • In recognition of her efforts to raise wages, expand paid family leave, and stand up for workers rights, labor unions across the county have endorsed Carol for Congress.

  • Carol helped secure funding while in the assembly for Mercer County projects and needs, helping invest in the county while improving the lives of its residents.

    • $5 million in funds for capital projects at Mercer County Community College.

    • $5 million in funds to renovate and improve Trenton Thunder Ballpark.

    • $1 million to fund the construction of a sound wall in Lawrence to protect residents from traffic noise from Rt. 295.

    • $1 million to fund a new ladder truck for Hamilton Township Fire Department.

Mercer County needs a hard worker to fight for the issues that matter most to us. Carol has shown that she knows the issues facing Mercer County residents and the values they want reflected in Congress.

That's why she's seeking your support in the upcoming Mercer County Convention.


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